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This post contains an item that I received for free in exchange for a review. If you have any questions about this please see my disclosures page.


Lucky, my yellow lab can’t read, but I can promise you he KNOWS what a box from looks like. We auto order Lucky’s food from Chewy and every 5 weeks like magic a big old bag of food appears on our steps. Chewy isn’t just food though, they have a fantastic selection of pet treats, toys and supplies as well!

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I was very excited to team up with Chewy this month to give Lucky and Bruce a chance to review Halo’s Liv-a-Littles.

Chewy3-15 4

Sure enough the box arrived and Lucky KNEW that what was inside was for him.

Chewy3-15 1

Liv-a-Littles are a freeze dried protein treat for both dogs and cats. Not to be outdone, as soon as I opened the container, Bruce appeared.

Chewy3-15 5

Both of my boys began begging the second the container was opened. I was thrilled when I checked the list of ingredients. There is only one – Salmon. Now, most pet treats are a little nugget or strip, but not Liv-a-Littles. You can see they these are giant hunks of real fish!

Chewy3-15 2

Lucky was more than happy to go first and try these tasty little bites. He also admired the look of these treats.

Chewy3-15 3

I gave Lucky the first piece, and he chomped it down. I looked at him and said “sit” with another in my hand, and I don’t think I have ever seen his bottom hit the floor that fast!

It’s important to note that if you are feeding these to cats you will have to break them up a bit. Bruce was a bit impatient as I broke him off a piece to try.

Chewy3-15 6

Once he had a bite he followed me from room to room begging for more for the rest of the afternoon.

Live-a-Littles come in three flavors : Salmon, Beef and Chicken Breast. They can be used as a treat like I did, or they can be crumbled and added to your pet’s daily diet.



This post contains an item that I received for free in exchange for a review. If you have any questions about this please see my disclosures page.


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