3 Ingredient Taco Dip

This month’s Blogger Recipe Challenge has been meatless May, and I have enjoyed sharing recipes that I have loved that don’t include meat!

One of the most beloved recipes in my box is a Taco Dip recipe that I got from a friend a few years ago. I begged him for the recipe, and he was more than happy to share. I was surprised when it was only three ingredients!

Now, when I have a group gathering after saying “yes” to coming the first question at least three of my friends ask is “will you make your taco dip?”


Take a large jar of Taco Sauce and combined it with two blocks of Low Fat Cream Cheese. Beat using a hand mixer until smooth.


Once it is smooth beat in (using the hand mixer) about 1/3 a cup sharp cheddar cheese. You can also use a taco cheese mixture if you have it on hand.

Allow to sit in the fridge for at least an hour and serve with tortilla chips or for a flavor explosion, cheesy Doritos! For something that is so simple to make it sure is tasty and a crowd favorite!


Are you loving meatless May as much as I am!?

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